Moore's Law applied shopping online

this is just totally nuts. 256 GB of USB 3.0 flash storage delivered to my door for twelve bucks and i think that card is going to fit in my phone and camera. the site where i got it has crazy prices on a lot of things, some of it free and you just pay shipping.

in 1971 , the case was as big as a referigerator and the CPU only had 64 KB RAM. you could only talk to it with punched cards and it could only respond on a line printer. in 1999, i bought my first custom built PC. the ATA disk cost almost $200 and had a 20 GB capacity.

as per usual, thoughts'  software reared it's hopelessly flawed head when i tried to create this post by uploading the image straight from my computer.   that failed, but it can embed an image file's URL in the clouds.  

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